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Yellowstone National Park Day 4


Final full day of our Yellowstone Trip in May of 2011

This was an eventful day. We spent a large portion of it exploring the Lamar River Valley – an area of the park that is often overlooked by visiting tourists. I highly recommend taking the time to see this portion of the park. Great place to spot bears and several other wild animals. During one of out short hikes to see a preserved tree stump we cam into contact with a young moose. He started to walk along our trail about 5 feet  away.  It was amazing!

We also made stops at the Artist Paint Pots and then to see the Grand Prismatic Springs. Because of the early season, we were not able to hike the trail that would have given us a birds eye of the spring and all the marvelous colors. Still, we had a wonderful view.




Spring Shadows

My shadow, she is my loveliest feature – elegant, indulgent and always entertaining! 

I took these shadow portraits about two months ago somewhere near the border of Arkansas and Missouri. My father was sitting in his truck having a conversation on the radio with a complete stranger. I, on the other hand, felt stagnant from driving all day and wanted to stretch my soul.

The sun was gradually moving behind the treeline, Sky grew darker and  my shadow transformed with the changing light source.