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Yellowstone National Park Day 3

Day three.

My friends and I drove north into Mammoth Village for lunch, a 6 mile hike to find a beaver pond  and a visit to some nifty travertines. The Travertines were impressive – though not nearly as impressive as Pamukale in Turkey – and we never did find this Beaver Pond. We did, however, manage to piss off an alpha male bison and out of nowhere someone’s super grandmother sped by our tired selves and the the same angry male bison like breeze.

By the time we came back to our campsite we were exhausted!


Yellowstone National Park Day 2

Day 2 of Yellowstone National Park.

My friends and I drove around the Southern loop of the park. Much of the sites were still closed due to snow or maintenance issues. I was really hoping to explore some of the hiking trails in the area, but that was not going to happen. We still managed to take in some amazing views of Yellowstone River, West Thumb geysers and of course more buffalo.