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Weekly Art Challenge: Artist’s Choice!

Hello folks!

We decided to give ourselves a two week challenge so that we could come up with something great.. lol but two of us, the epic procrastinators that we are, didn’t quite finish our work. We are still posting them, but please don’t judge the adults! Mikyla, however, did complete her challenge and therefore deserves to pick this week’s theme: Nature. Great theme choice!


Rj – Chameleon, paint – I know this is a 2D painting, but the colors and texture really look as though he created the lizard from this foam sculpting material I have seen in craft stores instead of acrylic. Which of course makes me want to reach in to play with it! The detail of the thousands of colorful scales is great and I love the intense eyeball! I can’t decide if the chameleon has seen dinner or if he just realized he is dinner. 🙂



Mikyla – Disney Castle, pen and crayon – Again, Mikyla has an eye for mature artistic detail! Setting her disney castle at night under twinkling stars and a crater marked moon was smart and creative.  I love that she used a pretty violet for the night sky and drew in a few bricks instead of filling the castle with tiny squares, it echoes the scattering of tiny stars and creates a balanced patterning. Beautiful!

Disney Castle

Amber – Dandelion Patch, acrylic, pen and graphite – Still drawing dandelions. What can I say, I love them! I still have a lot of work to add to this piece and I hope to finish it this week, if there is time. I want to glaze over the thick black border with a golden shimmer and add more pen and ink details to the leaves and flower buds. There are a few things I wish I did differently, mainly taken more time to paint the image in a better lit room, but I still think I can make it work 🙂


dandelion patch



Next theme: Nature!


Weekly Art Challenge: Melted

Hello Folks!!

The theme for this week’s friendly art challenge is MELTED and I am super excited that we have a new participant! Rj’s very talented niece, Mikayla!! You are going to love her contribution!

RJ’s:  Frozen with pen. I love the glowing affect he achieved. The piece was originally larger but he trimmed it down to the present size. The original was to closer to the sketch seen below. I like that the finished product is focused so closely onto her face. The viewer then has to connect with her mournful violet eye and they must FEEL what she feels, and I do. I can feel the penetrating heat of a nearby fire and see its light reflecting off her skin as she thaws.


Melted Frozen



Frozen sketch


Mikayla’s: A Melting Olaf with pencil and crayon. I love how she captured Olaf’s jubilant nature as he melts beside the fireplace! Still wanting his warm hugs! She did a great job with Olaf’s face. I love the detail of the eye slipping behind the carrot, very clever. Can’t wait to see what she makes next week!

Melting Olaf


Mine:  I’m sticking with the same subject, the magnificent Dandelion, and created my weekly art challenge images by melting some of the billions of crayons my mother has saved from the billions of boxes we have bought for my young nieces onto sheets of watercolor paper.  lol, okay, we don’t have THAT many crayons; but, when you are fishing through a cookie tin loaded with purples and reds for the elusive yellow crayon, it certainly FEELS like a billion! The first image, Dandelion Puff, took longer than the second image, Dandelion Crowd, to create. I burned myself several times with the hairdryer and may have melted some crayon into the carpet – oops! I did have a lot of fun creating them; which is the main purpose of this challenge, to have fun trying out new ideas! I think they both turned out quite well for a first attempt. I may have to create some more and perfect my technique, already I am thinking of new ways work with melted crayons!!


Dandelion Puff


Dandelion crowd


Next week’s theme: TOMORROW