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Yellowstone National Park Day 4


Final full day of our Yellowstone Trip in May of 2011

This was an eventful day. We spent a large portion of it exploring the Lamar River Valley – an area of the park that is often overlooked by visiting tourists. I highly recommend taking the time to see this portion of the park. Great place to spot bears and several other wild animals. During one of out short hikes to see a preserved tree stump we cam into contact with a young moose. He started to walk along our trail about 5 feet  away.  It was amazing!

We also made stops at the Artist Paint Pots and then to see the Grand Prismatic Springs. Because of the early season, we were not able to hike the trail that would have given us a birds eye of the spring and all the marvelous colors. Still, we had a wonderful view.




Yellowstone National Park Day 3

Day three.

My friends and I drove north into Mammoth Village for lunch, a 6 mile hike to find a beaver pond  and a visit to some nifty travertines. The Travertines were impressive – though not nearly as impressive as Pamukale in Turkey – and we never did find this Beaver Pond. We did, however, manage to piss off an alpha male bison and out of nowhere someone’s super grandmother sped by our tired selves and the the same angry male bison like breeze.

By the time we came back to our campsite we were exhausted!

Yellowstone National Park Day 2

Day 2 of Yellowstone National Park.

My friends and I drove around the Southern loop of the park. Much of the sites were still closed due to snow or maintenance issues. I was really hoping to explore some of the hiking trails in the area, but that was not going to happen. We still managed to take in some amazing views of Yellowstone River, West Thumb geysers and of course more buffalo.

Yellowstone National Park Day 1

This was my first time seeing Yellowstone National Park!

For as long as I could remember I have heard wonderful descriptions and seen spectacular photographs of Yellowstone, but experiencing the park in person was beyond spoken words or pretty pictures. There are many magnificent and sacred wonders in the world and Yellowstone is, without any doubt, one of them.

I had met up with my friends RJ and Lieke for a three day adventure of camping, hiking, buffalo and geysers in America’s most cherished of national parks.

These are a few images taken from the first day of that memorable trip.  Enjoy!