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Pet Portrait: Sophie!!

This month I had the pleasure of painting Sophie! She has such an interesting lovable face that I was almost sad when it came time to ship her portrait to her human mom.

Sophie and the Tulips

Sophie and the Tulips – 2015, Acrylic on 16×20 canvas


Painting this portrait started last year when my friend’s cat, Ginger, became very ill and the vet bills to keep Ginger alive were both financially and emotionally draining. My friend then turned to a crowdfunding site to alleviate some of the incurring vet bills. To help my friend out I offered a free pet portrait as a raffle prize. Anyone who had donated $50 or more would have their named entered into a raffle.

I don’t know how many entries my friend had to pick from, but I was very excited that the name drawn from the hat was another childhood friend of mine, Magdalena! I haven’t seen Mags in years and I remember her has a kind, generous and sensitive individual. The kind of person who would literally never hurt a fly. Painting a pet portrait for her was a pleasure, especially when she sent me the photos that I would be working from! I saw the image of Sophie sitting amongst some lovely red tulips and knew THAT was the image!

I hope Mags Loves her new painting as much as I do and I can’t wait to finish the next two portraits for her!


If you are interesting in having a portrait of your pet painted, please contact me at Palechickstudios@gmail.com.



Jager Monster

I love animals, all of them, no matter the species. But I am probably best matched with cats due to their independent nature and THIS lovely girl is one of my favorite cats – next to my own personal Tamlin – in the entire world! Her name is Jager, aka Jager-monster, and she is a purrer! She belongs to my roommate/best friend who rescued her and her sister ten years ago from the trash. Can you believe that someone would toss something so precious away?!?

When I am home for a period of time Jager becomes my ‘best friend’. My room is instantly hers and my bed is now hers, unless I am in it than I become her bed. Almost every night when I crawl into bed she will join me and every morning I wake up to this view. Her eyes just opening and looking at me wondering if I will dare disturb her comfort. Her paws, always stretched out in superman mode, in my face and the purrs never seem to stop. Love this cat!

Another belated birthday gift for my roommate/ best friend.


Jager-Monster, 16×20 acrylic on canvas

Jager face

Interested in commissioning a portrait of your favorite pet companion? Then please visit my Palechick Studios Etsy page! 

Memphis Mornings

This sweet Australian shepherd mix is Memphis.

I love this dog and had so much fun painting her! She is such a sweetheart and those big brown eyes are so easy to fall in love with. Memphis belongs to my roommate/best friend and I thought what better belated – though started prior- birthday gift than a portrait of her Memphis. I worked from a photograph I took of her last year while we had a lazy morning in bed. Its not unusual to wake up from a nap with this up-close and personal view. I was surprised that she stayed so still when I took the photo of her, normally she sees you move and she jumps on the chance for some affection. I think this might be my favorite pet portrait so far!

Memphis Morning, 12×24 acrylic on canvas

memphis nose

Memphis sketch

If you think you are interested in commissioning a portrait of your favorite pet companion please visit my Palechick Studios Etsy Shop

My Very Own Etsy Shop!

After several months of many supportive friends recommending that I sell some of my artwork on Etsy, I have decided to give it a try.

I was skeptical at first. Not because Etsy is too complicated or anything – quite the opposite, they make it very easy for anyone to set up shop. I was skeptical because I am constantly on the road for work, often staying at a different hotel every night, and was unsure if I could actually pull this off. Painting custom orders while moving about the country delivering tower sections to one Wind farm or another within a reasonable amount of time didn’t seem feasible.

I’m not feeling so skeptical anymore. In the last few months I have manage to paint several pet portraits and a couple of other commissions for friends while working on the road, and feel rather satisfied with my developed painting system. I don’t suspect that the orders will immediately come flooding in and as the orders will hopefully pick up over time I imagine my system will only get better!

I can and do create much more than Pet Portraits. But have decided, for the moment at least, to limit my Etsy shop to only the pet portraits. I don’t want to put more than what I can handle into the shop and I find the animal portraits to be easy and fun to paint while on the road.

Please do check out my Palechick Studios Etsy shop    I can paint custom orders and can also offer larger sizes not mentioned, just drop me a line and we can discuss the details

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Wish me luck! 🙂



A friend of mine has two lovely cats, Marianne and Ginger, and has recently commissioned me to paint portraits of her “children”. I just finished Marianne today while sitting in a Iowan Super 8  hotel room. It was a lovely day outside, but I wanted to get this painting finished while I had a decent amount of time off from work. I see her this weekend and hope that she loves it.

Lately I have taken to painting portraits of people’s pets – I find it relaxing when I am stuck in isolated hotels for long stretch of time. Of all the ‘Pet Portraits’ I have painted this year, I think this one is my favorite.

Next week I will start Ginger 🙂

Marianne, 2012 – Acrylic on 12×24 canvas

Marianne (Face detail), 2012 – acrylic on canvas

Marianne (step 1), 2012 – acrylic on canvas

Marianne (Step 2), 2012 – Acrylic on canvas

Marianne (Step 3), 2012 – acrylic on canvas

Marianne (step 4), 2012 – Acrylic on Canvas

Mike and Andrew

Last October I was commissioned by a close friend to draw a portrait of her husband and young son. She wanted something special and personal to give her husband for the holidays.

Large scale graphite drawing in a sketchy style with black tea staining in the background to bring forward the subject. Completed in December of 2011.

Mike and Andrew 2011, Graphite and black tea staining on paper.