About Amber

Three words that best describe me Artist, Explorer and Tea Enthusiast.

Art. I grew up in a creative family. My great-grandmother Nana was a ceramicist and hand-painted the most beautifully detailed nursery rhymes scenes on tiles while wearing the thickest pair of coke bottle eye glasses. She painted a scene from Little Miss Muffet for me. My father was a tattoo artist for many years. I would spend hours sitting on his lap as he inked clients and redrawing his designs. I remember the day he taught me how to draw a rose. My mother would paint murals for friends and decorate our secondhand shop clothing with decorative details. I still remember my old boots with colorful yarn braids and bells. Art was a major factor of my childhood and now my adulthood. If I am not creating art then I am looking at art or reading about art OR talking about art. I travel for art. 

Explorer. When I was seven years old my mother, who saw herself as a bit of a hippie, took me to meet a Rainbow priest called Blue for a blessing. Blue blessed me to have a forever wandering spirit. Almost two decades later and I still can’t settle down in one place. There always seems to be someplace to visit and explore. I have lived in 7 states, visited 49 states and traveled to 11 countries.

Tea. I love tea.

Chasing My Shadow is about my adventures with art and travel. Its a place for me to showcase my works of art not related to my Rural Decay series and to share some of my favorite trips. And every March it becomes a place for me to share the achievements of women in the arts.


If you wish to check out my Rural Decay series then please visit my other site  Palechick Studios.

Or visit my Palechick Studios Etsy shop if you are interested in commissioning a piece of art.

2007 MAT, School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York City, NY
2003 BFA, Memphis College of Art (MCA), Memphis, TN


2011 Ellarslie Open XXIX, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ                                                                                             2009 Passing Strangers, Café Ole, Trenton, NJ
2009 Soul of Brazil, Robbinsville Library, NJ
2009 Where I am From, Gallery RFD, Swainsboro, GA
2009 International Photography, Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
2009 Current Exposure, Gallery 125, Trenton, NJ
2009 Ellarslie Open XXVII, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ
2009 Salon De Refuse III, Artworks Gallery, Trenton, NJ
2009 Sun & Shadow: The Soul of Brazil, Solo exhibit, Trinity Gallery, Trenton, NJ
2009 Mercer County Artists, MCCC Gallery, West Windsor, NJ
2009 It’s All About the Art, New Hope Art Center, New Hope, PA
2007 Portrait of an Artist Teacher, SVA Gallery, New York, NY
2007 Salon De Refuse I, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ
2007 Ellarslie Open XXV, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ
2007 Mercer County Art Show, MCCC Gallery, West Windsor, NJ
2006 Ellarslie Open XXIV, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ
2005 Ellarslie Open XXIII, Trenton City Museum, Trenton, NJ
2003 Memphis College of Art BFA Exhibit, Memphis, TN
2003 Horne Island exhibit (19), Memphis, TN
2003 MCA Print Show, Memphis, TN
2003 MCA Student Council Juried Show, Memphis, TN
2002 Horne Island exhibit (18), Memphis, TN
2002 Southern Graphics Print Exchange, New Orleans, LA

2009 Viewers Choice Award, – Center for Fine art Photography, Fort Collins, CO

2002, 2003 Horne Island Artist Workshop

Princeton Packet – Salon des Acceptances – May 11, 2007

New Orleans Museum of Art
Southern Graphics Council Archives

Guest Lecturer, Depauw University: Women Studies Department, Greencastle, IN; March 2012                             Museum Assistant, Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, Trenton, NJ; Nov 2004 – Jun 2006
Gallery Volunteer, MCCC Art Gallery, West Windsor, NJ; Feb 2004 – May 2005
Muralist, Bear Creek Assisted Living, E. Windsor, NJ; Nov 2003 – Mar 2004
Studio Assistant, MCA Paper and Print studios, Memphis, TN; Feb 2001 – May 2003


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