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Weekly Art Challenge: TIGER

Hey Folks!

This week our theme is: TIGER!


A friendly reminder THIS is our last post for this webpage. Next challenge is a two week challenge and will be the first challenge posted on our new site The Art Challenge Blog! If you have been following here and wish to continue seeing what we create, please check out our new site and follow us there.


RJ: Tiger Eye, Pen on paper.

RJ’s piece gives me the chills. That deadly expression of the eye with the small visible detail of fur and stripes reminds me exactly why Tigers are dangerous wild predators. I def wouldn’t want to be cross this tiger’s path! I love the hint of facial detail, leaving the rest of the animal to the viewer imagination.

rj Tiger


AmberEntertainment, Pen and ink on paper.

For this week’s challenge I decided to create an image that illustrates my feelings about animals, like tigers, held captive in zoos and circuses. I love animals and I strongly believe that they don’t belong contained in zoos or used as entertainment in circuses. They belong in the wild and if not there then in sanctuaries where they can live their best life in peace.




Next theme is a two week challenge – due to the holiday season – and the theme is:  DREAMS COME TRUE.


Weekly Art Challenge: Comfort

Hello folks!

The theme for this week’s challenge is Comfort.


RJ: The Gift , Graphite on paper – Christmas in August! I like the reference of not only physical comfort one would feel holding the stuff panda bear but the emotional and nostalgic comfort  one experience’s with a holiday that is synonymous with family and security for many individuals.  Great texture on the bear’s fur!

the gift - rj comfort


Amber: Cat Nap, pen and ink – This week I was rather busy with the Gishwes scavenger hunt, a visit from my niece and work. Not wanting to shirk on my creative responsibilities, I chose to be straight forward with this week’s theme. Cats have that magic ability to make any and every place they claim for a nap to look comfortable and its just not fair! Sadly, the piece is unfinished. I will repost it when it is finished 🙂





Next week’s challenge: Minimalism!

Jager Monster

I love animals, all of them, no matter the species. But I am probably best matched with cats due to their independent nature and THIS lovely girl is one of my favorite cats – next to my own personal Tamlin – in the entire world! Her name is Jager, aka Jager-monster, and she is a purrer! She belongs to my roommate/best friend who rescued her and her sister ten years ago from the trash. Can you believe that someone would toss something so precious away?!?

When I am home for a period of time Jager becomes my ‘best friend’. My room is instantly hers and my bed is now hers, unless I am in it than I become her bed. Almost every night when I crawl into bed she will join me and every morning I wake up to this view. Her eyes just opening and looking at me wondering if I will dare disturb her comfort. Her paws, always stretched out in superman mode, in my face and the purrs never seem to stop. Love this cat!

Another belated birthday gift for my roommate/ best friend.


Jager-Monster, 16×20 acrylic on canvas

Jager face

Interested in commissioning a portrait of your favorite pet companion? Then please visit my Palechick Studios Etsy page! 


Ginger (2012) Acrylic on Canvas

Ginger (2012) Acrylic on Canvas



This is Ginger. She is a sweet calico cat and is Marianne‘s sister. She loves sitting on her favorite chair, catching bubbles and being petted late at night. It was a pleasure to paint her portrait and to give this painting to my friend as an early holiday/congrats on the new house purchase gift.








A friend of mine has two lovely cats, Marianne and Ginger, and has recently commissioned me to paint portraits of her “children”. I just finished Marianne today while sitting in a Iowan Super 8  hotel room. It was a lovely day outside, but I wanted to get this painting finished while I had a decent amount of time off from work. I see her this weekend and hope that she loves it.

Lately I have taken to painting portraits of people’s pets – I find it relaxing when I am stuck in isolated hotels for long stretch of time. Of all the ‘Pet Portraits’ I have painted this year, I think this one is my favorite.

Next week I will start Ginger 🙂

Marianne, 2012 – Acrylic on 12×24 canvas

Marianne (Face detail), 2012 – acrylic on canvas

Marianne (step 1), 2012 – acrylic on canvas

Marianne (Step 2), 2012 – Acrylic on canvas

Marianne (Step 3), 2012 – acrylic on canvas

Marianne (step 4), 2012 – Acrylic on Canvas

Tamlin’s Portrait

I have a soft spot for Black Cats. This is Tamlin, named after an old Irish/English folk song covered by Sandy Denny, she is 16 years beautiful and has been a source of joy from the moment she came to our family.