Weekly Art Challenge: PARADISE!

Hey Folks!!

This week our theme is Paradise!


DylanDog, charcoal on paper – Dylan’s interpretation of paradise is an emotional state of being that she receives from the companionship of animals. As someone who travels often, there are moments spent with my cat or dog that top any moment abroad or any adventure.

“The wonderful animals in my life are my paradise. Despite any events around me, being around animals always calms me, centers me, and points me in the right direction. Animals bring clarity to my life in a world of indecision. They are my favorite teachers and greatest motivation in life. Animals are my personal compass and paradise.”





KarriPaint Brush, Watercolor and pen on Paper – I think many folks would relate to Karri’s idea that paradise is something you can create for yourself. In an era full of external distractions, many of us actively seek out small spaces or moments that are a distraction from the distractions.

“As I sat down and pondered the idea of paradise the typical thoughts came to mind. A beach on the ocean with palm trees, the sun shining… so I started to draw out a little scene of Horn Island thinking that this would be a great image of paradise that a few of my artist friends could relate to. But, then I looked up at my jar of paint brushes and realize that paradise is something we, as artists, create for ourselves. So my paradise is in my brush. The paradise that I can escape to daily.”


The paint brush



AmberThe Orchid, mix media (pencil,watercolor, pen) on paper: Another week with lots of ideas rolling around my head! In the end I decided on ‘The Orchid’. When I think of Paradise, I tend to think first about the details of a paradise more so than the actual location of such a place. It is in the details like nature, color or texture – for example –that will push any place from feeling mundane to feeling like paradise.

I picked the Orchid as my detail partially because I find them to be so elegant and beautiful and also because The Orchid family is vast in numbers! I once read that there were over 20 thousand accepted species of orchids in the world. Some are more common and easily recognized, but others are rare and unique – known only to grow in a small little corner of the world.

In my eyes they are a work of art and their presence can make a paradise out of any place.


The orchid



Next week the theme is: Where the Wild Things Are!


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9 responses to “Weekly Art Challenge: PARADISE!

  • carolyn Dixon

    this was great…I remember when my dad would sit and carve little people out of sticks and give them to me. I ask if he wanted to travel and he said why? I have everything I need in my carvings. Love your site

    • palechickstudios

      Hello Carolyn!

      I’m glad you like the site and thanks for sharing your story with us! It coincides so well with the idea that paradise doesn’t have to be this exotic and out of reach place. 🙂

  • emurleh

    I’ve just found this blog, I love the weekly art challenges, how do you come up with your themes?

    • palechickstudios

      Hi Emurleh!

      Thanks for checking us out! We are always happy to hear that folks enjoy our art series!

      Everyone takes turns coming up with the themes. Some themes are inspired by happening around us, some by pop culture, others are the first thought that comes to someone’s head when I tell him/her that its their turn to pick. haha

      I personally have a list of theme ideas that I keep on my desktop and add too as inspiration hits me. That way when its my turn to decide the theme I have some earlier inspirations to choose from.

      Are you an artist?

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