Weekly Art Challenge: Age!

Hey folks!

This weeks theme is AGE.

RJ: Old Hands, Pencil and photo graph – Our RJ just had a birthday last week and like most normal people, the topic of aging is on the mind. I liked that drew the hands instead of the face. It feels more appropriate for an artist to focus on our hands. The more we create the more we notice the changes in our hands.




Amber: Pears, Instagram Photo – I wanted so badly to draw/paint this. But a hectic work schedule ate up all my free time. So instagram to the rescue! I wanted to focus on the act of aging. the pears still have a part of them that is youthful and firm while another part of them is loosing that desirable youth rapidly. I think it the same for people. We age differently and how we age is affected by our varied lifestyles. Some of us maintain a youthful appearance but inside we feel the pains of age, others look decades older but inside they could feel no different than they did at age 30. I like the duality and struggle between the appearance and reality.




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