Weekly Art Challenge: BOLD COLOURS!

Hello Folks!

This weeks theme for our art challenge is: Bold Colours! Who doesn’t like to play with colors? 🙂


RJ: Chameleon, painting – RJ used this week’s challenge to retackle and finish a former challenge piece! The million of bright and cheerfully colorful dots reminds me of George Seurat meets Dippin Dots! 




Tony: Squares, marker on paper – Tony took a minimalist approach with the theme and his colorful pattern reminds a lot of wallpaper/ linoleum squares from the 60’s! Very retro cool!



Amber: Orange Orchid, acrylic on wood – I love orchids, they are my other favorite flower, and I thought that this challenge would be a good chance to explore the elegance of their beauty. I took some artistic liberties with the coloring for the sake of the challenge and of course had plenty of fun working on the painting.





Next week’s theme: Nocturnal Animals


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