Weekly Art Challenge: UNDER THE SEA

Hi folks!!

This week’s theme is Under The Sea.  A theme that was inspired partially by sea mythology and partially be the sense of unknown.


RjUntitled, pen and ink on paper – I love the woodcut quality of this piece, such beautiful mark making! When I asked RJ what his thoughts behind the piece were he said “its about the fear of whats lurking in the oceans”. And its true, people are generally terrified of what is deep under the surface, when we think about the deepest ocean trenches our imaginations run wild with bogey-man creatures. Interestingly, while this piece is about the fear of a monstrous predator and death by an unknown unseen creature underwater, the predator itself also has a heart and within his stomach is an object that should scare anything in our oceans, a fishing hook. The duality of fearing what is or should fear us is what I think makes this image strong and interesting. And while we are afraid of the unknown, we are still strangely attracted to it, despite the fearful consequences!


Amber Sea I, II & III, acrylic and ink on paper – Due to a week of packing and saying good bye to some awesome friends for my big move back to NJ, I didn’t have the time or energy to finish my challenge for this week. Of course I am still gonna post what I did complete and hopefully you will see where I was going for the challenge. My intended goal was continue practicing my illustration work and make Under The Sea postcards. I wanted to make something that was light and fun to look at. I definitely took some artistic liberties with the marks and design of each sea creature; and I wish I used actual watercolors instead of thinned out acrylics. The colors would have been more vibrant and lively if I had followed my gut instead of using what was within easy reach. But, I do like the composition of the pieces and think I will play with the Sea theme again in the future.



Star fish




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