Weekly Art Challenge: MYTHICAL

Hey Folks!!

This weeks art challenge theme was Mythical!

RJ: Blue Fairy, Pen and Ink with digital paint -RJ was inspired by the Blue Fairy from the story of Pinocchio. She is constantly giving  to and caring for others; and now she sits, alone, in a moment of self-reflection and exhaustion.  I like how RJ is focusing on the emotional impact that comes with being the blue fairy, a character that is endlessly needed and often taken for granted. Her surroundings are simple but indicates a space of comfort, she looks away from the viewer to instead focus on her own blue reflection on the surface of a cherry and she sits in a self protective fetal-like position. Great job, Rj!

Blue Fairy


Mikyla: Fashionista Fairy, pencil and crayon – Mikyla drew one of the most fashionable fairies I have ever seen! The details on her dress would impress even the toughest of judges from Project Runway.  She is consistent with her use and range of purples and pinks and offers just enough pop of red and yellow to make the fairy stand out. I love the her pattern of dark violet stars covered with a light shading of the same dark violet crayon. Not many  young and budding artists understand at her age how varying the pressure can be an artistic tool. Great Job Mikyla! Keep it up! 🙂


Tony: Yggdrasil, Ink and color pencil – I love the detail, texture and composition of this piece. Tony was inspired by Norse mythology; specifically the image of Yggdrasil, a massive tree the held Nine worlds with in its large branches and roots. He was drawn to the beauty and  strong element of nature within norse/nordic mythology. I am personally unfamiliar with norse/nordic mythology, I do recognize a story or character here and there; but now, after viewing Tony’s piece, I am very much intrigued to research the culture and learn more. Great job, Tony!


Amber: Medusa and The Golden Apple, Acrylic on wood – I decided to continue with the theme of snakes and their association with women. I always  found it interesting that the association between the two was meant to be a negative reference to the “true nature” of women when the “true nature” that was referenced always seemed to be strength, bravery, cunning, hunger for knowledge, seductive etc etc. Gosh, who would want to be burden with all that?

I picked Medusa for my Mythical creature and did some reading on her story and image in popular culture. Her myth is heartbreaking and the contemporary use of her image to depict female rage did not resonate with me. When I think about Medusa I tend to envision a misunderstood woman who constantly must protect herself from a cruel world, not an angry ugly woman. Considering all the awesome traits associated with snakes as mentioned above, Medusa must be one badass creature!  So I decided to give her the Golden Apple.


Medusa and the Golden Apple


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Next weeks theme: Under The Sea


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4 responses to “Weekly Art Challenge: MYTHICAL

  • Tony

    Awesome ! Nice work everyone =D

  • Hollis Hildebrand-Mills

    Nice combination of work. I am rewatching “A I”, the movie by Steven Spielberg with the little boy in search of the Blue Fairy! The first one reminds me of this, of course. Nice of you to post all these. Your comments are great too. Snakes and women….I know there always has been a connection!

    • palechickstudios

      Hello Hollis!

      Thanks for checking out our weekly challenge! When RJ sent me his Blue Fairy, I thought about the movie ‘AI’ too! I know a lot of people didn’t like it when it came out, but I loved it. I think most just didn’t understand or relate to the themes beyond the visual surface. I read Pinocchio in college for a class and the film brought back to countless discussions with my classmates.


      • Hollis Hildebrand-Mills

        A, that is so cool you liked the movie too! I cried the first time I saw it. Cried through the entire second half. I agree, people did not understand it. From what I have heard, Stanley Kubrick wrote the screenplay, thought Spielberg would be better at doing it. So we are now at the part where it gets very sad. I still love it. So glad you did too!

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