Weekly Art Challenge: CHANGE

Hey Folks!!

This week the theme for our fun art challenge is “Change” and was picked by our new creative participant, Tony! Welcome to the fun Tony!


Rj: Change of Breakfast, Photographed Happening –  Lucky Rj was enjoying a week in France and with the limited materials he had to work with Rj’s piece became a reflection of a different pace of life one would experience while traveling. He wanted to show how a different location and can offer a change of perspective and using a moment that almost all people share, like eating breakfast, he was able to illustrate that feeling of change. And to add some playfulness to the image he transformed a sheet of paper too look like a croissant.


Tony: Same but Different, Acrylic – Tony’s piece is a statement that we all naturally change with age but yet we are still the same person from the beginning to end. Change is something that can not be escaped and those same changes does not make a different person, physically.


Amber: The Snake Girl, pen and ink with watercolors – For my piece I wanted to illustrate a spiritual transformative act, the shedding of one’s outer and confining layer to free the inner-self. My inspiration came from my own personal fascination with snakes, their use in religious mythologies and their often cultural association with women. When I began sketching this piece I intended to draw myself shedding the snake skin, but as the sketch progressed I saw that image wasn’t me, she was someone else unknown to me who I guess needed to be released.

snake girl 1



Thanks for stopping by!


Next week theme is: Mythical!


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