Weekly Art Challenge: Minimalism

Hello Folks!!

The theme for this week is Minimalism.


Rj: I love the elegance and delicate detail of this piece! It might be my favorite by RJ so far. It reminds me of nostalgic beach memories bubbling beneath the conscious, in a safe little nook for day dreams and  escapist fantasies. Great job RJ!!



Amber: Watercolors – My inspiration for the challenge this week came from the minimalist landscape of the American Plains. I love the simplicity of the landscape. Miles of soft golden grass and gentile hills only to be disturb by a lone tree or sudden bump in the horizon. It is some of my favorite scenes to loose myself in. The first piece is my favorite of the three watercolors.





The big blue


Wyoming meets the sky

wind cluster
There you have it folks! Hope you enjoyed our interpretations of the Minimalism 🙂
Next week’s theme: Change

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