Weekly Art Challenge: HIDDEN

Hello Folks!!

The theme for this week is Hidden!


RJ: Hidden, acrylic – When I first looked at Rj’s piece I immediately focused on the missing piece and was thinking literally that pieces were hidden/missing/disappeared and therefore the incomplete image was hidden. Then I looked closer and realized that there was another level this this piece. There is an image that I didn’t see the first time around. I won’t share, because I want you to look harder and appreciate Rj’s cleverness!



Amber: Censorship, Mix media collage – When I first picked this theme I had this idea for nautical monster under the bed image; but no matter how many times I sketched the idea out, I just wasn’t feeling the piece. I tried a few other ideas, but nothing worked and time was running out. Then this idea of censorship popped into my head. I thought about how socially our communities hide what they don’t understand, what they don’t like and what they deem to be ugly and perverse; and then they redirect your eyes to some pretty facade with the hopes that you will not notice what was hidden from you. If I had thought of this idea days earlier I would have used different collaged pieces. I don’t think Van Gogh’s portrait is the best choice – I never heard of his work being “censored” from the public –  and I don’t know anything of the book whose pages I tore out for the background, but I do think that VAn Gogh is a good general representation for the artists who are often at odds with society when trying to honestly express themselves. The book pages are meant to represent banned books, though I don’t think this book is on that list. I whitewashed the simple collage to mute their influence and decoratively painted the word Censorship to show a distracting pretty facade that those who attempt to hide the arts and their influence try to redirect your attention.


Next challenge: Comfort!


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