Weekly Art Challenge: NATURE

Hello Folks!

‘Nature’ was the theme for our friendly art challenge this week.


RJ’s: Nature Bulb, pencil and digital paint – RJ wanted to make an image that combined nature and technology. Its a great piece of work! the detail of the beetle in the lightbulb is fantastic, I absolutely love it! The image reminds me that as we push for the advancement of technologies we often find ourselves pulled further away from the purity of nature. Ironically, nature was the inspiration for so many in the pursuits of improving our world; but she has also fall victim to our tech experiments – from the pollution, loss of habitat and from unpopular genetic modifications. The question becomes, is it possible to find a harmonic balance between nature and technology? For one to prosper does the other have to falter?  Great Job, RJ!


nature bulb


Mikyla: View from the Window. crayon and pencil – Mikyla did a wonderful job illustrating the sunny view outside her window. There is a lot of movement with her crayon strokes, perhaps there was a warm gentle breeze blowing through the garden. I like that she filled up the entire piece of paper, it reminds me that nature is everywhere, no space can go long without mother nature returning. Great job Mikyla!


Amber’s: Busy Bees, Graphite, acrylic and paper – Still painting my lovely dandelions. For this week’s theme I wanted to exhibit the role of the dandelion within nature’s realm by showing the busy bees working hard collecting its pollen. What impresses me the most about nature is that every piece of it has an important role in keeping the whole thing working. When one part goes missing, or extinct, then the rest of the system has to readjust and is never quite the same. The dandelion, though given the horrid status as “weed”, is one of the most useful plants a gardener could have. they are edible, their taproot helps break up compact dirt which will help other plants grow better and they are just plain pretty!


busy bees

Thanks for visiting!

Next theme: HIDDEN 🙂


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