Weekly Art Challenge: HEARTS

Hello Folks!!

The theme for this weeks friendly art challenge is: Hearts!


RJ’s: Love, Digital drawing- RJ wanted to create a piece that signified the surge of love bursting within a heart. I think he succeeded! When I first saw RJ’s piece I instantly thought of a germinating seed, like love sprouting in wild, it was drawn very organically. I like how the colors of the heart are dull and mature in comparison to the youthful colorful ribbons representing love. It reminds a viewer that no matter the appearance of someone, there is a complexity of emotion and feelings surging beneath the surface looking for an escape – we all have ability to love and we all need love.  Great Job RJ!!


Mikyla’s: My Family,  Crayon – A portrait of her family. How very sweet and a perfect interpretation of this week’s theme! You can tell how much she loves her family by how she centered them perfectly in the composition and giving them a bright sun to shine over them. I love the border around the image, its adds an extra bit of summer fun to her drawing. Her second drawing – the one with two smiling hearts – is also a nice and smart piece. For me it looks like love is healing a broken heart and also strengthens the importance of family in the first drawing! Great Job Mikyla!! Can’t wait to see what you make next!

My Family




Mine: There Is A Bluebird In My Heart, And It Wants To Be Free, pen, ink and acrylic on paper – I was originally going to create a piece that had a more morbid gothic perspective on love, that was until I was driving through the Adirondacks and listening to a Vermont public radio station. A local singer, Anders Parker, was promoting his new album and the title – There is a bluebird in my heart – was in reference to a poem by Charles Bukowski. I instantly fell in-love with the title. Out the window went my original idea and the moment I was home I threw myself into my art supplies and began sketching ideas.

I kept the heart in black and white to signified the cold imprisonment of the Bluebird. The branches growing from the arteries signify the Bluebird’s desire for freedom and the hope that the heart will soon release its grip.

Blue Bird in my Heart


Blue Bird (detail)


For the next challenge we are allowing ourselves TWO weeks to complete. We want to make something really special for the next theme: Artist Choice!



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