Weekly Art Challenge: KLIMT

Hello Folks!!

The theme for this week’s friendly art challenge is Klimt! One of the world’s greatest artists!


RJ’sFireflies in Forest,  Digital –  RJ’s artwork was inspired by Klimt’s use of patterns and how he would engulf his subjects with interesting fabrics or nature. He started with a previous sketch he created of a young girl, added some color and envelope her within a firefly pattern. I love how the pattern of fireflies echo drawings of star constellations along the pensive expression of the young girl lost in her thoughts. The longer I view this piece the more I find myself questioning if she is actually in the forrest or is imagining a forrest filled with fireflies around her. The hazy glow of RJ’s color palette emits a dreamy vibe and only connects further with Klimt’s symbolist perspective.



Fireflies in the forest



Mine: The Innocent Kiss, reused materials, graphite, ink, acrylic – I love Klimt! His compositions, use of pattern and texture have always been an influence for my own personal work and I was very excited to take on this challenge. For my piece I wanted to play with the various characteristics that are attributed to Klimt, but still maintain my own voice and style. I began by white washing one of the abstract mandalas pieces from the previous challenge, knowing that the patterns would seep through the gesso, and referencing a photo of my cousin for the image of the young girl blowing a kiss. I used various materials to enhance the muted mandala pattern and added additional Klimt inspired patterns. Klimt is well known for his use of gold leaf and warm tones – I prefer silver and cooler tones, it works better with my mark-making.

I’m looking at this piece as being a pre-sketch for a possible larger piece. working on it allowed me a chance to experiment with some material and ideas that I was mentally toying with for awhile. The young girl will need some additional work to look more like my young cousin. Her mouth and hand is a bit awkward. I wish I had placed her a little closer to the center, but I wanted to use the patterns from the mandala and had to work around them. Over all, I am happy. It was a good challenge and gave me some ideas for the future 🙂


The innocent kiss


And for comparison, the blue Mandala piece from last week that was reused for this challenge. 🙂

Blue Mandala I


Next week’s Challenge: Hearts


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