Weekly Art Challenge: Mandala

Hello Folks!

The theme for this week’s friendly art challenge was Mandala! I believe that most artists have a deep appreciation for mandalas, they are visually entrancing, calming and inspiring for most viewers. Their design can range from the spiritually traditional to the boldly modern. The term ‘Mandala’ is and ancient Sanskrit word that translates as ‘Circle’. Historically, the mandala was used as a means to ensure meditative focus by Buddhists and Hindus and was a representation of  ‘The Universe’. While there are plenty mandalas that display deeply rooted cultural traditions, there are unlimited possibilities in the making of a mandala.


RJ’s: Time Mandala, with an architectural design program – My mind was blown away when I first saw this!! RJ was inspired by Nature and time, and created a beautifully detailed mandala using clocks as a reference for the changing of seasons – brilliant! He debated on whether or not to apply color. Personally, I am happy he chose not to color the mandala in. I think it would be difficult, though not impossible, to fully appreciate the intricate detail when visually distracted by brilliant color. Without talking to him, I could easily see the influence from nature and time in this piece. Time Mandala seamlessly combines the traditional “universe” theme with modern imagery and technology, both in creative process and in his reference to clock gears.  Great Job RJ! I still think this should be printed on t-shirts 😉

Time mandala

Mikyla’s: Mandala with pen and crayon –  Great job Mikyla!! I love that her mandala has design elements that are both traditional and modern. The beautifully drawn triple spiral in the center has celtic roots and traditionally would symbolize the land, sea and sky elements. When juxtaposed next to the icy blue snowflakes, which I am guessing were inspired by Frozen ;), the mandala becomes a glimpse into a story. Great symmetry and use of color! more gold stars to Mikyla! 🙂




Mine: Mandalas with recycled books, watercolors, acrylics and ink –  What I have always found most attractive about the Mandala was their varied purpose and design. They can be visually traditional and spiritually represent the Buddhist/Hindu vision of the universe OR they can be therapeutic and created intuitively with the intent of representing the individual’s inner self. One could create a mandala or one can simply look around and find hidden mandalas within nature, they are everywhere in the garden. They are not necessarily symmetrical – though that is a common characteristic – but they always evoke a balance feeling.

My mandalas were mostly created intuitively using various materials and therefore have a more abstract appearance rather than traditional. There were a few pieces where I had I challenged myself to focus more on the design, an I must confess that those turned out to be my least favorite out of the group – too much yellow and not very well executed, in my opinion. The first three represent the my more focused images and it was difficult to focus when I wasn’t really into them or having as much fun creating them. I wish I left them black and white, they bothered me less then.  The second three posted are my favorite. I worked on them bit by bit over the course of a  few days, whenever some inspiration would hit me and didn’t think about the end result as much, just had some fun! I used a variety of materials including gessoed and sealed pages from a decrepit 19th century book. The final three were doodles and sketches to get the mind flowing and work out some ideas. I still have some ideas in my sketch book that I want to work out and polish them up a bit.

Yellow Mandala I


Yellow Mandala II


Yellow Mandala III


Blue Mandala I


Blue Mandala II


Blue Flow Mandala


Yellow Mandala II - Sketch

Sketch I


Sketch II

Hope you enjoyed our Mandala’s

Next week’s them is : KLIMT!


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