Current work in Progress!

Hey there!

Its been two months since I posted anything and I have a ton of photos and adventures to sort through, but for now I want to share some of my more recent art pieces that I am currently working on this month. Please forgive the blurred images I took the photos quickly with my iPhone just a few moments ago. Better photos will be taken when the pieces are finished and ready for posting. 😀



This is a portrait of a young girl, my niece Valarie. I need to fix her eyes, they are looking a bit Gollum-ish. LOL sadly I have a tendency to make Valarie’s eyes look massive and gollum-ish every time I draw her. Its the eye on the left that bugs me the most. its not shaped right and needs to be a tad bit smaller. I am also trying to decide if I should stick with pencil or add some ink washes. i am not a fan of the paper. I find that the pencil markings are a bit sloppy compared to other sheets of paper that I have sketched on. I do like how the hair is coming out.

An early stage of Nadia’s Portrait. I bought a wonderful sheet of watercolor paper 300lb for $20! I have some big plans for this piece and will go into more detail about it at a later date when it is finished. For now I am slowly working some of the details and figuring out the color scheme. I am thinking charcoal grays, lilacs and cream, but might change my mind before I even hit “publish” on this post.

Memphis Canvas Sketch. My roommates sweet pup, Memphis. I took this photo about a month ago when I was sleeping in bed. Memphis decided to jump up and lay on me like a pillow. This will eventually become a more detailed acrylic painting and part of a Trio of pet portraits for my roommate. Her birthday is coming up soon and I want to give her something special for being such a wonderful friend for all these years.


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