My Very Own Etsy Shop!

After several months of many supportive friends recommending that I sell some of my artwork on Etsy, I have decided to give it a try.

I was skeptical at first. Not because Etsy is too complicated or anything – quite the opposite, they make it very easy for anyone to set up shop. I was skeptical because I am constantly on the road for work, often staying at a different hotel every night, and was unsure if I could actually pull this off. Painting custom orders while moving about the country delivering tower sections to one Wind farm or another within a reasonable amount of time didn’t seem feasible.

I’m not feeling so skeptical anymore. In the last few months I have manage to paint several pet portraits and a couple of other commissions for friends while working on the road, and feel rather satisfied with my developed painting system. I don’t suspect that the orders will immediately come flooding in and as the orders will hopefully pick up over time I imagine my system will only get better!

I can and do create much more than Pet Portraits. But have decided, for the moment at least, to limit my Etsy shop to only the pet portraits. I don’t want to put more than what I can handle into the shop and I find the animal portraits to be easy and fun to paint while on the road.

Please do check out my Palechick Studios Etsy shop    I can paint custom orders and can also offer larger sizes not mentioned, just drop me a line and we can discuss the details

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Wish me luck! 🙂


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