Monument Rocks, Kansas

Monument Rocks (aka Chalk Pyramids) is a National Natural Landmark and is also listed as one of the 8 wonders of Kansas. The chalk formations are about  70 ft tall and estimated to be close to 80 million years old.

They are located along a dirt road that comes off of highway 83 about 25 miles south of Oakley, Kansas. Anyone interested in checking them out only has to look for a large visible sign pointing to the 6 mile dirt road that will lead them west to the landmark. The rock formations can be seen from the highway, so you will know that you are heading in the right direction should you venture down the narrow dirt road.  I strongly advise not going during or just after a rainstorm. The dirt road is not flat even drive, there are a few very deep dips that are prone to flooding. Also watch out for cattle.

The Monument Rocks are on private property and the land owners keep the landmark open to visitors with the expectation that visitors remain respectful and considerate during their visit. The surrounding land is used for cattle grazing, you will see evidence of their passing around the rocks.

The rocks were really very beautiful to explore! I was fortunate that I caught it at the time that I did with the stormy sky in the distance and few visitors to get in the way of a photograph. The whole region was once a apart of a prehistoric inland sea and these rocks are the most visible evidence of that sea, imagine what lays beneath the ground under layers and layers of soil!


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