Portrait of Baby K

The unfinished portrait of Baby K.

Many years ago a former boyfriend had asked me to draw this for his friend, but when our relationship came to a sudden end I was left with an unfinished portrait of a baby that I never met. Naturally I had lost interest in completing the portrait and eventually moved my attentions onto other projects.  I have, on a few occasions, thought about finishing the piece for the sake of having it finished. But, I have learned that it is best to work on a piece with a consistent “feeling”. I am a very different person now, and my style and artistic eye is not quite the same as it was in 2007. I think at this point the piece would look awkward and unnaturally forced if I were to rework it now.

The additional work needed was on the hands and some further definition of the daffodils. The Daffodils was my personal favorite part of this piece. I had this vision of beautiful slender daffodil stems emerging from the tea staining. I wanted to build up a transition between the warm staining and green acrylic washes.

Baby K, 2007 (unfinished)

Baby K (unfinished), 2007 – Detail of Daffodil

Baby K (unfinished), 2007 – Detail of Baby


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