The Sunflower

A dried sunflower in North Dakota.

Before this day, I had never before seen fields of drying sunflowers waiting for harvest. The sight of muted yellows was astounding and artistically inspiring. As soon as I was free from my work responsibilities to go about my business I returned to and ran through the field of dried stalks. The running wasn’t as graceful as I had imagined  or hoped it to be, I tripped a few times over collapsed sunflower stalks and was scratched by many of the standing flowers harden by the end of the season, but the experience was exhilarating. I am sure those who drove by thought I was crazy. I am 🙂

Growing up mostly in New Jersey it is not common to see an entire field of sunflowers. Sure we would plant a few in our own little home gardens, but our Jersey farmers tend to stick to planting large fields of soybeans and corn instead of the bright and majestic sunflower. This was a real treat and though it has been about four years, I can still recall the  pleasure of spending that hour in a dry sunflower field.

This is my favorite photo from that day.



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